tree house


the story

To David, no one matters more than his daughter, Maya. With summer break just around the corner, and Anca, his ex-wife out of town, David hopes to win Maya over, by building her a tree house.

Their summer project is put on hold, when David has to take care of his paralyzed and mute father. Flashbacks of David’s childhood start painting a picture of his once abusive father, while Maya is happy to look after her grandad.

With a deep resentment towards his father, and a strong will to become a better dad for Maya, David seeks out to build the tree house, at all cost.


first tree house


Casa din copac [Tree House] started as a short student film back in 2015. After a year in the festival circuit and having collaborated with Save the Children, the short film achieved its goal of starting a conversation amongst viewers about a problem that is rarely discussed - family violence and the trauma it can bring to a child.

Watch the short film here.



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